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Zone Face Lift

Natural skin rejuvenation…

Are you noticing more fine lines and wrinkles, or a lacklustre complexion?

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to injectables and other invasive procedures, then Zone Face Lift may be just for you!

This targeted treatment uses a combination of facial reflexology and facial massage - plus specialist tools - to ‘lift’ and sculpt the face.

Treatments help boost the circulation, stimulate collagen and elastin production and may create a more toned and radiant appearance!
Effects are cumulative, so skin enhancement usually becomes more evident as treatments progress.

Every nurturing session is a treat for the senses and encourages deep relaxation of body and mind...

You’ll leave the therapy room looking radiant and feeling great too!

Zone Face Lift. Clare ZFL

Age Well Naturally

Zone Face Lift is a totally natural holistic skin treatment that’s been a well kept secret of celebrities and beauty insiders for many years...

It’s been hailed as ‘a credible alternative to Botox’ and has received rave reviews in the national press...

Daily Mail - “Botox backlash”

Hip and Healthy - “An all-natural alternative to Botox”

The Telegraph - “Take 10 years off in 12 weeks”

Since undergoing training with Ziggie Bergman (‘facial reflexologist to the stars’) I’m delighted to offer this treatment and to see my clients feeling rested, restored and glowing!

Zone Face Lift is a perfect stand-alone treatment - leaving you ‘red carpet ready’ for a special occasion or big night out - but a package of treatments is recommended for optimal skin enhancement.

Zone Face Lift. Sharon ZFL2

The benefits of zone face lift

Zone Face Lift treatments may help to:

  • Reduce stress, by encouraging calmness and deep relaxation
  • Relax tight muscles in the face, neck and shoulders
  • Encourage the release of ‘fixed’ facial expressions
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production and ‘plump up’ the skin
  • Tighten and tone the skin of the face and neck
  • Reduce sinus congestion
  • Enhance overall skin condition
  • Help relieve headaches or migraine
  • Help relieve Bruxism and teeth grinding
  • Help relieve Bells Palsy

    Increasing oxygenation to the skin and stimulating facial nerves encourages a more contoured, fresher and younger-looking complexion and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


    You’ll need to wait 6 weeks after having Botox or dermal fillers, before having this treatment.

    Due to the reclined position necessary for this treatment, it’s not suitable beyond 18 weeks of pregnancy.

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