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Client Feedback

"Clare is great! I enjoy every minute of my treatments and always leave feeling happy and calm."
Rachel, Sible Hedingham

"Thank you so much for the amazing treatment on Wednesday evening. You'll be pleased to know that I started having contractions in the early hours of Thursday and went into established labour yesterday morning. I finally managed to have my VBAC birth and our baby boy was born last night. All the tips on breathing and positive energy you gave me really helped keep me positive and focused throughout. I really believe your treatment helped me in so many ways, so thank you so much!"
Lisa, Braintree (VBAC delivery)

"Thank you for all your wonderful advice and support today and throughout my pregnancy. It certainly paid off! My little girl was born at home this morning after a 4 1/2 hour labour."
Rebecca, Saffron Walden

"Thank you so much for my session. It not only made me feel very relaxed, it made me change my outlook on everything. Thank you so much again!!"
Emily, Saffron Walden

”Just wanted you to know that I gave birth to my son on the 19th - a successful VBAC! I was calm and energised throughout and, though I only had two sesssions with you prior, I really think it helped! Wanted to send my thanks and look forward to finding some time for my next session.”
Hollie, Saffron Walden

"I have to cancel our appointment next week, as I have had my baby early! She was born in the water with no pain relief as I hoped, so I'm sure it was your relaxation that helped! Thank you."
Emily, Thaxted (fIrst baby)

"I gave birth at home to a 9lb 2oz baby boy at 1.38am, after a very short labour. It was intense but wonderful and I am sure the reflexology helped a lot, so thank you!"
Marie, Newport

“Thanks for yesterday Clare - I've just had my consultant appt and can tell you that I'm 3-4cm dilated and had a sweep and I'm sure it's down to the reflexology! Thank you!!! I am smiling from ear to ear!!"
Amy, Saffron Walden

"When I went to see Clare, I was overdue by about ten days with my second child and miserable with anxiety. My first labour had been long and hard and the experience was completely clouding my outlook on giving birth second time round. I went to see Clare ready to try anything but with very little expectation.

What occurred during the session, however, was a huge shift in my relationship with my baby. More than simply a foot massage, Clare pinpointed blocks from my first labour. I hadn't realised the extent of these, nor that I hadn't properly connected with my unborn child and this enabled me to do so in the few days of pregnancy I had left.

I can't quantify the impact of a good gut-spilling chat and some relaxing reflexology. All I know is that as we drove to the hospital to give birth, I wasn't feeling half as fearful as I had been the week before. In fact, I'd go as far as saying I felt in control, empowered and determined that I would have a successful natural birth. Which was huge progress. And with those thoughts in mind, I can honestly say I had the best labour I could have wished for. This made a massive difference to how I felt afterwards, compared to first time round; close to my baby, closer to the rest of the family and pretty hedonistic about motherhood!

So I recommend a session with Clare, because, at the very least, you'll get a nice foot massage - at best it could seriously change your life!!"

Ellen, Thaxted (VBAC delivery)

"Thank you for all your advice and relaxation, the birth went totally according to plan! I honestly can't thank you enough!"
Emily, Little Canfield (first baby)

"Thank you for all your help over the last 8 months. I really feel your reflexology sessions were such a help to me during my pregnancy and really helped me to relax. My birth experience was very positive, with my active labour lasting 3 and a half hours... I managed to deliver him with no pain relief, which was fantastic!”
Heather, Great Chesterford (first baby)

"Thank you Clare for all your help in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. You helped me relax and face labour with a positive attitude. My waters broke only hours after the first session I had with you following my due date and I'm sure the reflexology and tips you gave me helped with a swift and (relatively!!) pain-free labour. I'll definitely be back when number two comes along."
Claudia, Saffron Walden

"It was an awesome delivery; the best I could have hoped for and such a relief that it went well, so thanks for the part you played that really helped me overcome my fears."
Ellen, Thaxted

"Thank you Clare. You really did look after me, my swollen legs and feet during my pregnancy. I enjoyed my monthly appointments with you and your years of experience and knowledge. Having a treatment with you on the same day as going into labour speaks volumes. I would highly recommend you."
Julia, Cambridge

"Thanks so much again for a very relaxing session on Monday. I really look forward to my de-stressing session as I get such a lovely sense of well being afterwards. I wouldn't be without it!
Lucy, Ashdon

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for our session last week. You made me feel so at ease and at home in your treatment room. I feel much better already and I'm trying to put your advice into practice. Thanks again."
Charlotte, Ely

"Just wanted to say thanks so much for yesterday's session Clare. I came away feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated!"
Sophie, Saffron Walden

"It worked!! Our beautiful baby daughter was born at home at 3.59am after only 4 hours of labour. I had her in the pool as planned and got to lift her out of the water just as I'd envisaged. I seriously cannot thank you enough."
Gemma, Braintree

"Clare has been treating me for several years now and at first it was post-operative to recover from a gallstone operation. Now however I find it a great way of relaxing and having a bit of 'me' time away from the rat race of everyday life - I look forward to my sessions and always feel relaxed and revitalised afterwards."
Lucy, Ashdon

"Thank you for all your support and treatment pre-pregnancy and in the early stages of my pregnancy. I had a really good pregnancy and very quick labour, as you can see we have a gorgeous little girl now. Again, thank you for all your time, I have recommended you to many people!"
Jane, Saffron Walden

"We are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy called William. He weighed in at 8lb 7oz and we managed to do it with gas and air! Thank you for all your help over the last few weeks."
Sam, Sturmer (first baby)

"I went into labour Monday evening after seeing you!!...You've been a big part of my pregnancy so thank you."
Julia, Cambridge

"I had a very fast labour lasting about 2 and a half hours with no pain relief and our baby weighed 8lb 5oz, we had skin to skin for an hour and he breast fed straight away. Thank you for helping me to relax and for helping to relieve my pelvic pain and other pregnancy related ailments. I really believe that the sessions contributed to me having such a fast and relaxed labour. I will be recommending your services to other mothers to be."
Marie, Saffron Walden (first baby)

"Our beautiful boy arrived at 5am this morning - so much for the time off! Had an amazing home birth..."
Gemma, Saffron Walden

"I had a very speedy labour so fast we didn't make it to the hospital and the paramedic arrived just as she did! So a fab unexpected home birth on my bathroom floor! Thank you for all your treatments and I will certainly recommend you."
Caroline, Saffron Walden

"I'm lying in bed with my beautiful baby boy delivered in the pool this morning at 8.40am after waters broke at midnight! Midwife arrived as I was pushing and no time to get gas and air from the car! I know the reflexology helped so much and can't thank you enough!"
Natalie, Wimbish (first baby, home birth)

"I had a really good natural labour, so fast I ended up with zero pain relief! Used a lot of the relaxation and breathing you helped me with, so thank you!
Emily, Little Canfield (first baby)

"Just to let you know shortly after seeing you my waters broke at 2pm and Finlay arrived at 0.22am yesterday morning. Looks like your magic fingers helped. So pleased he has arrived safely and ahead of schedule. Thanks!"
Helen, Bishops Stortford

"Thank you for the reflex session on Monday, it was so helpful. My little boy was born this morning at 6.35am. I had a very positive birth experience. Thank you again."
Claire, Finchingfield

“Thankyou for the last 10 months or so... I just know the reflexology helped me so much in so many ways throughout pregnancy and with breathing and relaxing in labour itself. When I was so stressed with work, having the reflexology always really helped me to forget the stress of the day and think about me and my baby.”
Lisa, Bishops Stortford

“Just to let you know we had a gorgeous baby girl within 48 hours of having a session with you … just a 4 hour labour! I’ve passed your details on to overdue friends. Thanks so much for your magic – it was wonderful!”
Nicola, Little Hallingbury (first baby)

"After I got home on Monday I had a really long deep sleep and then went into labour at midnight and gave birth to a baby girl (at 6am) at home as planned. All was very calm and quick with no pain relief. Thanks again for your care.”
Sarah, Stansted (first baby, home birth)

“Clare is an excellent therapist, thorough and thoughtful. I always leave feeling relaxed and grounded.”
Judith, Wimbish (Facebook review)

"A really relaxing experience, would highly recommend Clare, not just for reflexology but for her support and advice. Looking forward to my next session."
Louise, Thaxted (via Facebook)

"A wonderful experience that I will definitely repeat. Loved the chance to stop and think. Clare was so kind and the treatment was totally holistic."
Hellie, Saffron Walden (Facebook review)

“Clare is a fantastic therapist, more than “just” a reflexologist. She takes time and care in understanding how I am in all aspects, emotionally and physically, in her work and encourages me to make positive changes to impact my overall wellbeing.“
Heather, Saffron Walden (via Facebook)

"I was super impressed with Clare's professionalism from the very beginning. She was the only reflexologist out of those I contacted who advised me to check with my midwife before I was treated and did a thorough review of my pregnancy before she treated me. The treatment was really lovely and included lots of tips for managing pain in labour too. I would 100% recommend Clare to any of my pregnant friends. I only wish I'd found her earlier!"
Beth, Cambridge (Facebook review)

"This is my third child and I have seen Clare for all of my pregnancies. Absolutely the most wonderful treatment I have had, so relaxing and felt amazing afterwards. Clare's knowledge is outstanding and I feel completely comfortable with her. Thank you so much Clare x"
Janna, Saffron Walden (Facebook review)

"My first session with Clare was amazing. I felt she really took time to understand my problems and made some great recommendations. The treatment was incredibly relaxing and I felt great afterwards."
Emma, Saffron Walden (Facebook review)

“It’s been a while since my last treatment, but Clare’s treatments are as wonderful and relaxing as ever. She never fails to make me feel like a VIP, paying so much care and attention to understanding what I need from my treatment and she never disappoints. I had the most incredible treatment and have been reaping the benefits all day and I know I will until my next appointment. Thank you Clare. Just what I needed!”
Rebecca, Saffron Walden (Facebook review)

”My first reflexology session with Clare was excellent. She was very thorough in going through my reasons for coming to her and taking relevant information on my history. I left after the treatment feeling calm, relaxed with tips on how to improve and maintain my wellbeing. I thoroughly recommend Clare as a professional and caring therapist.”
Heather, Saffron Walden (via Facebook)

"Just had my first maternity session with Clare. Very much impressed with her set up, professionalism, attention to detail and practice. Clare took time with me during the consultation and her actual reflexology session was so good it sent me to sleep (after many sessions with other practitioners, this has never happened!) Returning next week for a follow up session!
Simone, Radwinter (Facebook review)

“Clare was such a help in my last weeks of pregnancy. Not only does the reflexology feel relaxing and amazing, Clare offers a much more holistic approach, giving me sage advice and tips for my labour. A real find."
Caitlin, Saffron Walden (Facebook review)

”I was recommended to Clare by a friend as I was struggling with a 3 year fertility battle. Clare treated me during my fertility treatment, not only with reflexology, but also her emotional support was invaluable to me. Clare continued to treat me when I fell pregnant and her breathing techniques certainly helped the day I went into labour. Baby Jack arrived 4 days ago and I truly believe without Clare’s support, guidance and treatment he wouldn’t be here today.”
Louise, Thaxted (via Facebook)

“ I’ve had several facials over the years but the Zone Face Lift treatment I had on Friday was on another level. Not only was my skin left feeling fabulous at the end, the facial elixir is a wonderful oil, but Clare’s massage left me feeling so relaxed that I almost fell asleep! Her treatment room is a calm environment which added to the whole experience. Thanks Clare. I look forward to my next treatment.“
Julia, Ashdon (Facebook review)

“I highly recommend Clare and her services. As a first time Mum, I was desperate for a little pamper and me time. I felt my skin was tired and I had lost my glow so I went to see Clare for a Zone Face Lift massage. I don’t think I made it past 2 minutes before I was asleep and my skin feels and looks fantastic! A wonderfully relaxing and revitalising experience!”
Phoebe, Kedington (Facebook review)

“Since I’ve had my Zone Face Lift treatments, my friends have commented on how smooth and glowing my skin looks, which has been a real confidence boost!”
Jackie, Barnston

"Thank you very much for the session last week, I feel that it has really helped me and I feel so much better about things now. I have taken your advice and looked into my diet and drinking etc; it really has made me look at those aspects of my life in a new light!"
Anna, Bishops Stortford

"Thank you so much for all your help and support during our sessions. It has done me the world of good chatting openly about things! I really value our sessions, they were the start of a relaxed and focused me!"
Laura, Harlow

"Thank you for all your help and support throughout the journey to bring Max into the world... We still can't believe he's here and ours to keep!"
Caroline, Sewards End

”We both want to say a massive THANK YOU for all your help getting us to this dream come true... The reflexology has played a pivotal part in us conceiving naturally! We are beyond thrilled and are so grateful.”
Katy, Saffron Walden

"Thank you so much for my amazing treatment. I felt so relaxed after and slept like a log on Thursday night."
Vicki, Saffron Walden

"Thank you for all the lovely relaxing treatments and all the other support you provided in the run up to the safe arrival of our son... I trusted my body and remembered much of what we had spoken about so thanks for your time and your encouraging words in the weeks before, they really helped when the time came. I shall definitely miss my visits to you and an hour or so of calm and tranquility every week or so! As before, I will wholeheartedly recommend your treatments to anyone that is expecting a baby in the area."
Nicola, Little Hallingbury

” I visited Clare in an anxious uptight state with pain in my pelvis that was really getting me down. From the moment I walked into her treatment room you could feel the calmness. She reassured me, calmed me, then progressed with a foot reflexology treatment which sent me off into a relaxed sleep for an hour. I can honestly say it stopped the pins and needles down my right leg and I felt calmer.

Then she spoke to me about helping myself put actions in place to ease pressure in life. We all know these things deep down, but sometimes we need someone to tell us that sometimes we just have to put ourselves first. I took a hell of a lot away from my treatment yesterday physically and mentally! Clare made me realise we all need a bit of me time! And I am really going to try! Thank you Clare.”

Heidi, Ashdon

”I really believe that the work you did helped me conceive my beautiful twins. I remember not only the wonderful treatments but also the cosy chats and reassurance. I always felt so positive afterwards for days.”
Jane, Gt. Notley

“I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you for ages. I came to you almost 2 years ago now, just for 2 sessions to try and fix my irregular cycle so I could start trying for a baby. Well after my second session I broke out into terrible spots which I assumed was a hormone release from the therapy but it was actually early pregnancy! My gorgeous son is now 1! Anyway I’ve been meaning to thank you for a really long time...a huge thank you! I often tell my miracle story and recommend you to friends!”
Hayley, Saffron Walden

"I can't thank you enough for helping me with my fertility journey - both the reflexology and the long chats were absolutely invaluable and I doubt Jemima would be here if I hadn't come to see you."
Becca, Little Dunmow

"Just to say a huge thank you for all my wonderful treatments up to and throughout my pregnancy. As well as finding them incredibly relaxing, it was so beneficial for me to have your wisdom and to just chat about things. We'll always appreciate your help and support."
Sarah, Little Canfield

"... I was on Clomid for a bit, which I found to be a nightmare and was starting to get very down about not being able to conceive... I truly believe that if you had not treated me then I would still be trying now. I can't thank you enough for all those afternoons of treatment, not just the reflexology but also for listening to me and advising me and stopping me from going mad!"
Alice, High Easter (after the birth of first baby and now mum again of twins)

"What a journey. 18 months ago I started seeing Clare for fertility reflexology. She helped me get in the right frame of mind, not just at the sessions but in my daily life, taking stock of my diet, stressful job and general ways. The journey continued into maternity reflexology luckily and that's where my weekly/biweekly sessions were invaluable to help manage morning sickness, SPD and to help me to relax. Me and my little daughter Isla can't recommend Clare enough."
Vikki, Wimbish

"Having been trying to conceive for 2 years and a failed IVF attempt, I contacted Clare for reflexology, just before my second IVF attempt. Clare was welcoming and immediately put me at ease. During our sessions not only did I feel relaxed from the reflexology, Clare also provided a confidential space for me to talk openly about my fears about trying IVF again. Clare offered flexible appointments to fit in with my treatment and seemed as excited as me when I eventually fell pregnant! Needless to say I continued to see Clare for reflexology right up until my son was born and recommended her to my friends. Thank you Clare!"
Sarah, Saffron Walden

"I initially saw Clare in August as I had been diagnosed with PCOS. My partner and I were trying to conceive but hadn't had any success. Clare gave me some good advice on diet and lifestyle, which I took on board as well. I hadn't had a cycle for 5 months and after just one reflexology session this happened! I became more regular with my cycles and in December found out I was pregnant {after 9 sessons of reflexology)!"
Emma, Haverhill

"...I saw you early last year for some reflexology as we were trying for a baby. I successfully got pregnant in May and now have a beautiful 5 month old baby girl. Just to say thank you as I am convinced the treatment helped in many ways and thought you would like to know the wonderful outcome!"
Petra, Cambridge

"Thank you so much for the sessions, they have really helped me to focus on the things that are important. I am going to spend the next few months focusing on stress management and sleep. I am certain that I will need a 'top up' at some point, especially because the treatment is so lovely."
Samantha, Whittlesford

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