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"I love helping women to optimise their health and wellbeing - whatever stage of life they’re at!”

My story. Me Apr23

I first discovered reflexology when I was looking for a cure for my panic attacks… they’d appeared out of nowhere and they seemed to have taken over my life.

As I’d always been capable and confident, experiencing such extreme physical and emotional symptoms was really frightening. But I know that I’d ignored some early warning signs that something was wrong and my body was showing me that enough was enough.

When I went along to my first reflexology session, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I really didn’t like my feet and couldn’t imagine having them touched! But the experience was incredibly relaxing and that night I had the best sleep I'd had in months.

As a busy mum with two boys under four, life was always pretty hectic, so the reflexology treatments allowed me to have some regular 'me-time'. After several sessions my panic attacks had started to diminish and I had begun to feel so much better.

Talking to my lovely reflexologist was very cathartic and being in a safe space really helped. A confidential, non-judgmental and nurturing environment aids recovery and this is what I provide in my therapy room today.

Because of the wonderful way that this gentle therapy had worked, I felt inspired to start my training to become a reflexologist… I knew that I wanted to help others just like me - and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

And now, twenty one years later, I still love my job and I’m passionate about optimising every woman’s wellbeing - whatever stage of life they’re at.

So whether you’re expecting a baby, struggling with fertility issues, approaching menopause, or just feel in need of some stress relief and relaxation - reflexology is wonderful and may be able to help!

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  • Member of the Association of Reflexologists.

  • Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

  • Listed on the NHS Register.

  • My practice has been inspected and granted a Special Licence by Essex County Council Trading Standards, which insists on the highest standards.

  • I've undertaken a variety of additional training and self-study and continue to carry out the annual CPD required by my professional associations

  • Early on in my career, I was able to work within a hospital birthing unit (on a voluntary basis) and used reflexology techniques upon women during labour.

  • I have supported hundreds of expectant mums throughout their pregnancies and helped them prepare for the best possible birthing experience.

  • I've assisted on several Maternity Reflexology training courses around the UK.

  • For the past 15 years, I have supported clients with fertility issues. Stress can affect the entire reproductive process, so it’s wonderful to see how reflexology - and making the right lifestyle choices - can lead to a happy outcome!

  • In recent years I’ve experienced menopause challenges of my own, so I’ve undertaken additional reflexology training to support women navigating this transition.

  • I’m a qualified Flower Essence Practitioner and offer bespoke prescriptive Bach Flower Remedies, that provide emotional support between treatment sessions.

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